Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sex and Bridezilla

Sex and the City. I'm usually really really critical when it comes to anything popular or anything American actually and I fucking hate Sarah Jessica Parker. She needs to eat a pie and die. Anyway, despite all this I rented Season 1 from the Video store on Monday. I always wanted to know what the fuss was about, my mother never let me watch ''American crap'' so now I crave it and my boyfriend is away for a while so anything numbing and dumb was fucking ACE. I've managed to blow through Season 1 and 2 in just 3 days. I think that's 28 episodes, which is around 11 hrs and 30 mins of women talking about boy problems or just themselves. Fluffy shoes or snake skinned shoes? Yankee player or lawyer? Playing games or nice guy? Jesus Christ... you could be choosing between lunch or dinner (well maybe SJP is).
Anyway I've been thinking for the past 3 days, if Bridezilla were the Sex in the City girls, who would be who? I think I've got it. Pia is Charlotte, a little conservative and hopeful. Millie is Miranda, quirky (yep I said it, don't you fucking hate that word!) and wears weird clothes. Holiday is SJP, I don't really know why, she just is and I'm Samantha, outspoken and rude? And since I'm only 2 seasons deep, Josh is Mr. Big. (Written by Daisy)

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