Saturday, March 6, 2010


Dancing, dreaming, mischief, and nonsense... Between playing tambourine and crowd surfing for Eddy Current Suppression Ring, a game of cricket with Mumford & Sons, doting over the xx, scoffing meals with Dappled Cities Fly, weeping and elbowing disgruntled punters for the Dirty Three, stealing Echo & The Bunnymen's sandwhiches, buying ferns for The Very Best, cutting a rug with Black Lips, sipping whiskey with Wild Beasts then hijacking their van, running a muck with the ultra-orthodox Middle East, ladies room tittle tattle with Florence and Sarah Blasko... There wasn't a minute that went by without vigor and verve. Fraternizing fun is what festivals are all about... the love, the lust and the learning.

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