Thursday, October 8, 2009

Max and Kyle... I love you.

I met 2 Americans on the way up to ATP festival that were sitting behind me on the bus, Max and Kyle. Max was from Brooklyn and worked for a distributing company, Kyle was a student from Arizona. They met at the previous ATP and were the picture perfect quirky music nerds that knew every fine detail of every band that was playing... including every lyric off Animal Collective's LP 'Prospect Hummer' which was released by FatCat records on May 24th, 2005 and that Suicide released a live LP ''Half Alive'' in 1981 and it was a collection of live and demo material recorded from 1975-1979, Kyle said it was originally on ROIR cassette only and Max claimed he owned one. What the fuck. I had to search google to know who the fuck Animal Collective and Suicide were - (by this point they didn't actually know I was listening to their conversation). The trip was only 1 hr in, I've got ADD, my boyfriend was listening to his ipod and I was filming Millie dancing with headphones on in the seat infront of me - it was getting boring so I decided to turn around and say hello to Max and Kyle. They weren't interested in talking to me! I suppose they had to catch up on all the new music they found out about and who bought the most amazing LP in the last year. Well fuck 'em I thought, I turned back around and said ''Yea, I'm playing this weekend, THAT IS WHY I'M HERE''... wrong move Daisy. From then onwards Max and Kyle wanted to talk so much Kyle ended up driving 5 hrs to see us in LA the following week.
Max and Kyle Pre-ATP
Max and Kyle ended up being very nice companions at the festival. Popping up everywhere we went. I think ''Hi Kyle and Max, what bands have you seen?'' was my most repeated phrase of the festival.. well alongside ''Go suck a doggies dick'' (my local supermarket security guard coined that phrase when explaining what he said to his girlfriend when he found out she cheated on him. Thank you Kalhid.) On the way home, Max and Kyle were back in the seats behind me but not up for talking... just dreaming about meeting Wayne from the Flaming Lips and seeing the Animal Collective play their favorite song just ONE more fucking time....
Max and Kyle Post-ATP (written by Daisy)

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